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Application Deadline: July 20, 2017

A small college of 3,000 students, Dowling is larger than many of the top ranked small, private colleges in America but promotes comparable academic values that have proven to be the characteristics that work particularly well for many, if not most, college undergraduates.  For decades, even generations, smaller colleges like Dowling have been proven to graduate a disproportionate contingent of successful alumni.  Why?  One important reason is that undergraduate college students have a greater chance of not getting lost in the crowd of massive universities.  Rather, they improve their odds of being discovered.

Those improved odds also are a result of the dedicated teaching faculty that is typical of smaller, predominantly undergraduate colleges.  The top priority at Dowling is undergraduate student success, the primary focus of all full time faculty.

Dowling’s location can’t be underestimated, as it provides the best of the two worlds most usually sought by college-bound students and their families.  One has to actually visit the Idle Hour estate campus to fully appreciate its inspiring character.  William Vanderbilt could have created his estate anywhere he wanted, and he chose Idle Hour for obvious reasons as it captures all the bucolic atmosphere of upstate New York colleges like Ithaca, Skidmore, and Hamilton or Pennsylvania schools like Gettysburg, Haverford and Swarthmore.

But, Dowling also offers same-day commuting accessibility to the most powerful city in the world, New York City.  The Oakdale LIRR train station is down the street from the Rudolph campus offering 90-minute or less trains throughout the day and evening into Penn Station in mid-town Manhattan, thereby giving Dowling undergraduates the added opportunity to build networks to career opportunities after graduate early enough to be at the front of the line.  To paraphrase an old adage, ‘it’s not JUST what you know, it’s also WHO knows that you know it.’  Being close enough to those who can discover you is an added plus that only well located schools like Dowling can offer.

Come visit and see for yourself.  As you will discover, the College feels right where it counts and, finally, that is THE POWER OF DOWLING.


Dowling College

150 Idle Hour Boulevard

Oakdale, New York, 11769

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