Le Moyne College

Curriculum Focus:

Application Deadline: July 23, 2017

Le Moyne's academic focus is designed around its writing centered core curriculum.  This foundation enhances a students writing and critical thinking skills in order to expand one's knowledge about the world today, yesterday, and tomorrow. 

Our core includes social and biological sciences giving a balance of interdisciplinary studies to our students.  We have small classes where students can engage in healthy discussions and our faculty members encourage participation in a creative and innovative academic environment. 

Our mission statement is at the heart of our students success.  We focus on the development, experience, and excellence of our students as they excel in their major for the next four years.  

Le Moyne has a variety of student organizations, intellectual forums, and community service opportunities where our students are able to share their values with peers

Le Moyne offers our students a sound college experience with long term connections.

Le Moyne College

1419 Salt Springs Road

Syracuse, New York, 13214-1301

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"The primary objective of The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is to help provide a broad range of services to the student, who because of academic and economic circumstances, would otherwise be unable to attend college, yet has the potential and desire to obtain a college degree. HEOP is sponsored jointly by the State Education Department and the College."

"HEOP is funded jointly by the University and the New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program and programming activities are supported, in part, by a grant from the New York State Education Department."